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Guest Post Guidelines Do's & Don'ts

  • Rule #1: Authors should have a track record of writing content –

Please try & provide past articles for us to review. We WILL make special consideration for a FIRST TIME guest poster, in rare cases. We will Google their name to make sure you aren’t pushing out spammy content throughout the web. We make sure you aren’t linking out in you bio or within the content to spammy websites. Any attempt to do this will result in permanent rejection.

  • Rule #2: Watch outgoing links –

We will review ALL outgoing links. Outgoing links to reputable sources will be kept. Any links to affiliates or sales platforms will be CHANGED to OUR affiliates & sales platforms. We alone reserve the right to profit from our blog.

Here’s a general guideline to follow:

  • A bio should only contain 1 or 2 links – either to the author’s website, Twitter handle, or his/her blog.
  • A blog post should contain a minimum of 4 links – We don’t have a maximum number of links that should be in a post, but we do have a minimum. People have written blog posts on almost every topic out there, so instead of regurgitating the same old information, link out to the sites that have already covered it.


  • Rule #3: The content must be detailed and unique –

We will never accept content that isn’t detailed or unique. What we mean by detailed is that the content needs to be at least 1,000 words with no fluff. You can always make a post meatier by adding details and steps, so why not take an extra hour and write a better blog post?

  • Rule #4: We are picky –

Even if a guest post is good, it doesn’t mean we will publish it. The content needs to be great!

Here are our criteria:

  • We won’t accept posts with spelling or grammar errors. If a post has those, it means the author didn’t spend too much time on it.
  • Make us believe in the post because if we don’t, our readers won’t. No matter how good the writer is, we won’t accept content we don’t believe in.
  • The content has to fit in with our blog theme. We won’t accept any guest posts outside of our general theme, no matter how well they are written or from whom they are.